Longest Day of the Year

Wednesday, June 20 was the Summer Solstice the first official day of summer and the longest day of the year.  I spent it as a beautiful, however hot, evening on the beach of the Chesapeake Bay.

My first Zumba on the Beach class was also Wednesday.  I lived through it I am happy to say – but it was close.  At 6:30 p.m. it was still in the upper 70’s  so it was pretty hot for a cardio workout out there.  Yes, I will go again because it was fun.  But now, having done something like that, next time I am lazing away in my beach chair by the surf and some beach jogger goes by I can say with authority they are crazy.

The nicest part about Zumba on the beach was the end.  Other than the fact that my ears were ringing from heat exhaustion – my husband was waiting for me with a picnic dinner.   We flopped down on a patch of sand and sat in the sunset for about  hour.  It was a very nice evening and one that I hope to repeat often.  He makes no secret about the fact he has absolutely no intention of joining the crazy ladies for Zumba.

Other than that – the summer heat has come in and I’m sure it has every intention of sticking around through the fall.  It’s been in the upper 80’s or low 90’s here.  Which is sadly typical for around here.  We get blazing heat and we do get chilly winters – or at least by our standards.  Not North Dakota cold – but the 30’s is fair game.

I do think we should move to Florida or maybe Georgia even, a pretty coastal town with sailboats.  The summer heat is nearly the same but the winter is so much more pleasant. Somewhere deep down I do think I’d miss having the seasons though.  

We don’t get any snow here – all the cold, none of the benefit.  Every time I get the L.L. Bean on Eddie Bauer catalog filled with cozy looking down jackets and winter boots and flannel pajamas I always want to move to Vermont or some such place.  The pristine snow covered log cabins set off in the woods with smoke billowing from the chimney seems so peaceful. 

But I really would hate that for any longer than a week or so. The first time I had to lug groceries through muddy black slush I’d be over that shit.

This coming week I am babysitting for my mother – well cat sitting.  She is on a cruise to Alaska and visiting Seattle for two days while on the West Coast.    Maybe she will see some snow.  Other than that – no big plans for me.



Monday Monday

So it’s Monday and I have the Monday morning blahs!  How is it possible to not have a job and STILL hate Monday?  I missed Zumba today.  This makes me grouchy.  I actually did manage to get my lazy ass out of bed by some fantastic miracle.  However I quickly discovered that I had not washed any of my work out pants.  I only have three pairs so it’s not like there is a huge stash.  But I could have SWORN I saw a clean pair so I didn’t worry about it.  I was wrong.

I CONFESS that laundry is not my strong suit.  I let things sit in the dryer until they wrinkle beyond repair.  And I’d rather restart that dryer twice than iron anything.  Sometimes I rewash things rather than iron them.  Gasp – how wasteful!  You know what – WHATEVER!  We all do crap like that.  I forget about stuff in the washing machine.  I’ll go to start a  load and HOLY SHIT there is stuff in there!  God only knows when I actually washed it (the first time) so that gets washed again.  For as much as I dislike the never ending laundry you would think I would find a way to stop doing it twice.

In any case, I was pretty mad that my laundry pitfall was the key to my Zumba-less Monday today.  However the bright note is that Wednesday starts Zumba on the beach.  This I am looking forward too!  I think I will bag the Monday morning class for awhile in exchange for Wednesday as three days a week I think will be a bit much.  I’m still kind of new at this.

Today my husband is back at home working.  Not only that, he’s on conference calls all day – I hate that.  It means I’m locked out of the “office” i.e. computer room and I have child wrangling duty.  It’s pretty hard to keep cats quiet when they are banging down the door to get to the napping place they are most accustomed to.  They are creatures of habit and they want their comfy sunny window.

They are making me nuts!  I love my kitty kids – but they are horrid when they want something and they don’t get it!  Not far from human children I guess.

It’s been fairly cloudy and cool and breezy here for the past several days.  Nice that it’s not terribly hot – that will come soon enough, however it would be nice for it to be a bit warmer and sunnier for some outside activity.  I haven’t made it over to the beach yet though I’ve worked on my backyard tan a time or two.  None of that today though.

The garden is starting to look good.  Hopefully soon I’ll see if the organic pesticide worked.  I have some small cherry tomatoes and a baby green pepper I’m keeping an eye on.  My first round of lilies are wonderful.  I have to decide where that rosemary I got a few days ago is going to go.  I think we are going to redesign the back gardens for next year and I need to start thinking about that.  Right now there are just three raise square box beds.  No real “design” but I would like some crushed shell around them and some real thought put into it to make them pretty.  We shall see.

Off to start the laundry battle!


Day of Freedom

Half way through the week and I have earned a much need day of FREEDOM!  My husband works from home, most of the time, but today he is out and about.  It’s like a get out of jail free card for me.

In all honesty I  haven’t done anything any differently than any other day that he is home.  Which basically means I have done nothing – only I have done nothing without someone watching me do it.  Sorry to admit there was no wild romp going on.  Though I do like having him around most of the time sometimes I really do look at him when he’s not looking and think to my self “Oh my GOD you HAVE to LEAVE!”  This sounds terrible I know.  It’s only a matter of being in such close proximity to someone for sometimes weeks on end and I assure you that he feels the same way.  I am positive he cherishes the two mornings a week I leave to go to Zumba and he gets some peace as well.

This must be what mom’s feel like a few days after school lets out for the summer.  They are glad the kids are home but it doesn’t take long before they are ready to do away with them and hide the bodies.

Which brings me to another topic from this week – an odd segue to be sure!  Have you ever had those moments where you wish life was like that movie Monster In Law with Jennifer Lopez?  You’re just happily going along and something tweaks your nerves and you get that nice little cut away where you can bash someone’s head into a wall or something.  Then you just chug right back along like nothing ever happened. Man that would be so nice.

I think that would be my superpower if I could have one.  Screw being invisible or having the ability to fly over buildings.  I would like to freeze time be able to beat the living daylights out of people and then resume time and no one would be the wiser.  Talk about stress management!

On another note – we cut off our cable t.v. this past week.  Our two year contract was over and with the prices of cable and d.v.r. service combined with the other options like Hulu and streaming Netflix and Amazon we just decided we (Me – my husband never watches t.v.) don’t watch enough t.v. to justify what it costs every month.  It’s kind of odd to say we don’t have cable.  More and more people are getting rid of it now for the same reasons but you still kind of feel like that kid from the sticks you knew as a kid that didn’t have a t.v. when you say “we don’t have cable”.

Tomorrow I have another hubby free zone coming my way.  Though the ridiculousness of this leaves me at a loss. He is attending my aunt’s son’s graduation from the fifth grade.  I’ll pause for that to sink in.  This is not completely my aunt’s silliness as the school puts on this whole graduation thing for the fifth graders – it’s pretty common now – but I believe they are also doing a special dinner or something and getting him gifts and other nonsense.  I don’t know all the details as I am not participating nor invited  however that is a WHOLE other story!

I’m not alone in not understanding this phenomenon.  A good friend of mine knows people that do this as well and is just as baffled.  I know that I had a graduation from pre-school (still common) but I think the next thing I officially graduated was High School.  I do not understand the necessity to celebrate every made up mile stone of a child’s life these days.  Unless the simple fact is that parents are honestly happy the kids these days made it to that point in life.  In knowing and seeing some of the kids and teens around – I would probably celebrate making it out of elementary school too.

In any case I will enjoy the alone time!


Exercise Beauty Queen

Friday was a bit atypical as Zumba class was moved to the afternoon as planned.  I liked that so much better than the early morning rise and shine.  If you can’t tell – mornings are not my thing.  The only downfall to an exercise class at nearly 2p.m. is that the “scrub rule” is thrown out.

The “scrub rule” is what I like to call the implied flexibly in ones appearance to a 9a.m.  exercise class, run, visit to the gym and so fourth.  Little make up, hair, or even a pre-shower is really unnecessary.  A tumble out of bed, ponytail, a quick swipe of make up (yes I confess I wear makeup to exercise!!) and some deodorant will get a girl by.  However, all this goes out the window in the afternoon.  It’s kind of a bitch.
There was a Zumba Marathon on Saturday.  I neglected to go for two reasons.  The first and most obvious reason being that I will refrain from horribly embarrassing myself  by dancing outside of the dance studio’s doors at this point. Maybe later.  The second reason is that all of these things start dreadfully early!!  Eight in the morning for Lord’s sake.  At some point when I’m just too excited to contain myself I may be persuaded to shake my booty at dawn but for now this ba-donk-a-donk will be in bed at that hour.
As for today I ventured out to pick up what I believe will be the last of the planting in the back garden.  A new rosemary plant,  a green bell pepper and some zinnia seeds just for fun.  I also got some lettuce variety seed packs to hold on to for planting in the fall and that will be something new to try this year.  We’ll see how it goes.  I weeded the rest of the front flower bed out – always a chore.  I have on order some food grade diatomaceous earth as I hear it’s a good insect repellent for organic gardens.  
Tomorrow I hope to catch some sun in the back yard and make some more head way in my audible book, Crime and Punishment.  I’m not quite halfway done yet but I’m enjoying it.  Possible the weather will be nice and I may be able to catch a day on the beach next week.

One Week…

So It’s been a WEEK since my last post.  Sad to say it’s been tough to carve out a few moments to jot down the goings on around here in some peace.

So whats new?  The lilies out front will be soon to blossom!  My catnip plant is infested with some sort of pest. I’m very upset over that one!  I love bringing in fresh catnip for the four legged babies.

The hubby and I went and got a new set of Calphalon non-stick cookware.  That’s nice!  Goes to show you what one week of hubby doing the dishes will accomplish – bye bye stainless pots and pans.  Now I do love my stainless but they can be a real pain.  And Bill taking over the dishes was completely his doing so I do give him his credit there.  However I struggled cleaning that stainless steel for five years.  After a week of it we go out and buy all new cookware.  Hardly seems fair to me but I’m not complaining because the new Calphalon is pretty nice.

No Zumba this past Monday – I was a tad under the weather.  That makes me a bit grouchy as I look forward to it.  Friday’s class may get moved or canceled we will see.