Today is Kindle day!  The UPS truck showed up earlier than I expected and I’m a happy camper.  I’ve got it all set up already and I’m looking forward to an afternoon of reading when it’s charged.  I love new gadgets!!
So here is my first book on the Kindle Paperwhite:
I just LOVE Karin Slaughter.  I’m a fan of her Will Trent series and I can’t wait to dive into this one!! 
I’m watching the weather and hoping this afternoons storms are not too bad.  My baby plants do not need anymore rain! But a rainy afternoon to cozy up with my new Kindle sounds nice.
Happy reading all!!


Rain Rain Go Away

Today marks the second day of possibly five dreary, rainy days.  I always like a good rainy day now and then but when you are looking at a weather forecast with no sunshine in sight it just gets depressing.

It would figure that a few days after putting my first plants, and some seeds, into my garden that we are held hostage by thunderstorms.  I hope they all survive.

Tomorrow marks an exciting day – I’m expecting a package from UPS!  I finally broke down and ordered a Kindle Paperwhite. I’m used to reading on my Nexus 7 tablet, which I love, but it’s just terrible for reading outside and I do a lot of that in the nice weather.  So I’m joining the Kindle crowd.

Hubby also is expecting a delivery and an interesting one at that.  We are starting a worm bin, vermicompost to be exact.  He’s been designated official Worm Wrangler. While I do appreciate what they will do for my garden  it does not mean I want to touch them.  I’m more than happy to let that fall into the category of  “man job”.

Hopefully there will be a garden left by the time all this weather moves through.

From The Stacks:

I finished a really great novel – always nice when you get something you really like.

Here’s the run down:

That Night, from author Chevy Stevens, is a great literary work. The plotline of this novel is great, but the characters totally make the book what it is.

Our main character, Toni, is a typical bad girl teen, but really she’s not so terrible. However, her parents never seem to see the best in her. Toni gets a reputation for being a troublemaker around her small town.. Her boyfriend and the community opinion of him doesn’t help matters.

When Toni falls out of favor with her so-called friends in High School the girls devote a lot of time into making her life hell. Toni’s do-no-wrong little sister becomes the new favorite friend of the mean girl clique and no matter what happens, her parents will never see that Nicole is secretive, deceitful, and leading a dual life. The secret life that ultimately gets her killed.

In the middle of the shock of finding her sister dead, Toni doesn’t even consider that she and Ryan are suspects – the only suspects – and they are convicted of Nicole’s murder.

After spending 15 years in prison, Ryan and Toni return home and are out to prove their innocence. They suspect Toni’s old friends had something to do with Nicole’s murder but they are not prepared for the truth they uncover.

Thanks to St. Martins Press for the early review copy.  Look for this one to hit bookshelves in mid June.
Hopefully I’ll be reading something great by tomorrow afternoon on my new Kindle.  

Weekend Fun

Saturday was a wonderful day spent outside in the spring sunshine.  Hubbs and I went to a local craft show and plant sale.  I was able to pick up a new mint plant – Kentucky Colonel which is supposed to be the best for Mint Juleps.  ‘Tis the Derby season you know and all good Southern gals like their bourbon.   I also snagged two rosemary plants.  The hard winter we had killed mine from last year, so I am set back with two small transplants again.  I love fresh rosemary – it can go in nearly anything.

As far as Sunday goes, we are spending that taking care of the lawn and other outside stuff.  I love lazy weekend days.

From the Stacks:

Still working on that gardening book!  I need to make myself finish it before starting another novel.

I finished One of Us by Tawni O’Dell.  This book was really, really good.  The story line is a bit different so I like that it’s not the same old novel with just different people.  I highly recommend this when it hits stores in August.

The run down is basically this; it’s a novel told from two different narrators perspectives.  Sometimes I like that and sometimes it’s distracting.  I think in One of Us it could go either way.  I think having two narrators gives you insight that would be hard to get from one character’s point of view.  On the other hand I do think this novel would have been successful if the author had chosen one or the other to tell the story.  I’m just getting a bit worn out on this trend in novels I suppose.

Our main character Danny is a successful forensic psychologist living in the big city.  He returns home to the small town he is from, and not very fond of. We get to learn all about his less than perfect childhood as his family and it’s secrets are laid out through the story line.

Our second main character, Scarlet, is a beautiful classic rich girl.  Except for the small detail that she’s as crazy as they come.  Scarlet also takes us on a journey through her childhood and we learn about her families troubling history.

Here’s to looking forward to a productive week!

It’s GROW time!!

It’s FINALLY gotten warm enough in the day, and more importantly the nights, to start planting.  Today the cherry tomato seedlings went out.  Also in the ground today are some green beans and some flower seeds. I’m so glad to get this garden season kicked off.  
Over the next few weeks I have so much that has to go into the ground!  Part of me wonders what on earth I’ve gotten myself into.  The other part can’t wait to see this flourishing garden!!  Gardening is relaxing and fun, yes, but it is also lots of work.  Really as long as all is going according to plan I don’t mind it though.  It’s good work most of the time.  It’s when plants start dying off, the bugs invade your plants, and the weeds take over completely that I just hate to garden.
So here is hoping all goes as planned!!
From The Stacks:
Still working on the gardening book.  It’s good information but you can really only read so much of it at once. I’ve been lazy about getting this one under my belt.  And reading a novel that I am REALLY enjoying called One of Us by Tawni O’Dell.
Enjoy your spring days – it will be the hot hot summer before we know it!

Get Ready…Get Set

So the biggest thing going on right now is planning my trip to NYC.  For a first time visitor of Gotham a.k.a. The Big Apple this is a very daunting task, much more so than I really expected.  When the hubbs and I went to Savannah awhile back it was just so relaxed.

 I didn’t really do anymore planning other than find place to stay and tool around online looking at some cool stuff to do.  We had such a good time though on our lazy vacation and Savannah is the perfect place for just that.  I’m finding there is a lot of organization and time management needed for this NYC trip.

I’m not someone who typically travels with everything but the kitchen sink so to speak but I’m not a light traveler either.  This NYC trip will be a lesson in packing light for sure!  We are going by train and we are not allowed checked baggage.  This was a MAJOR bummer for me at first.  How am I supposed to fit all my clothes, 6 pairs of shoes, my whole make up kit (which is impressive) and my favorite pillow into a carry on bag!!  However, I am looking forward to the challenge of lightening the load.  I packed far too much on the Caribbean cruise we took and hauled lots of extras to Savannah because, well, we drove and if it fit in the car I packed it.

We bought some new luggage and packing cubes off of and if you don’t know the site – hop on over it’s great. I’m going to love those packing cubes!!  My goal is four days worth of stuff into these carry on bags that have backpack straps.  They are really nice bags and I think being able to just strap them on like a pack will be so much easier than trailing wheeled luggage.  I know we can cab it everywhere but after a long train ride I think a nice walk in the city from Penn Station to our hotel will be great.

From the Stacks:

I finished Bittersweet, a novel from Miranda Beverly-Whittemore.  A great read!!  Thanks to Crown Publishing for the advanced review copy.

Author Miranda Beverly-Whittemore brings us the cryptic and secretive Winslow family in her novel Bittersweet. A twisty tale of a perfect summer vacation on a family estate that proves that not all is what it seems to be.

The rundown is two college roommate girls,who are not exactly BFF’s, find some common ground and a way to be friends in light of one of the girls sad family event.  The story has lots of layers and sub-plot which keeps it interesting – lots of moments you didn’t see coming.

Mabel is the girl kind  of from the wrong side of the tracks and Ev is a classic, beautiful rich girl.  The two end up setting out to spend the summer at Ev’s family’s summer estate in Vermont.  Mabel is interested in the family history and ends up unearthing dark family secrets. She finds herself more entangled with the Winslow family than she ever imagined.
Hit the link to my Goodreads page for a full review and check out the book due out mid May.
Happy reading and enjoy some spring weather, if you’re getting any where you are!

Weather Whiplash

I, along with most of the United States am SICK of winter.  We had it good for awhile but now it’s cold again.  On April 16th I awoke in the early morning hours to sleet pounding my windows.  Craziness I tell you.

So what’s new?  The hubbs got the two gardens tilled up!  Super happy about that – now I can only blame myself for any procrastination (or the weather!).

The BIG news in my word is we are planning a vacation!  NOW there is EXCITEMENT!!!  I have never been to New York City and I have always wanted to go.  So.. I finally wrangled myself a trip.  Lots and Lots of planning to do. And saving – my LORD N.Y.C. is expensive.

From the Stacks:

Thanks to Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books for providing this early advanced review copy through NetGalley. Wow! What a read! The Butcher by Jennifer Hillier is an exhilarating, fast paced thriller that will keep the reader absorbed right to the very last page.

I enjoyed this novel for several reasons. First and foremost, it was not completely predictable. There is not much higher on my list of things that make a bad book than to get a few chapters in and pretty much have the entire plot figured out. If you are looking for some OMG moments, then you are going to get them in The Butcher.

The Butcher is a fast moving, easy to read and highly satisfying novel. One won’t be disappointed.  Look for this one out July 15.

Next up: is a novel by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore and a Rodale’s gardening book – hopefully I’ll learn something!!

A little bit of Sunshine

Today I got to sit outside and enjoyed a bit of sunshine!  Happy in my beach chair in the backyard with a good book, yes I am a happy girl.  Though I will admit that I am a little pink which I fear is going to be a lot of pink in a few more hours.

I am going to admit that yesterday brought about the first of my sordid love / hate relationship I have with gardening.  I love it when I’m tending to beautiful flowers in the beds.  Snipping and caring for them, watering them in the heat – dainty work.  I love it when I am pulling huge ripe tomatoes and veggies from healthy, bushy green plants.  But oh I hate it when I’m outside and the bugs are swarming me and I’m toiling in overgrown weeds invading my space.  At those moments I want to run to the market and buy a pack of whatever I’m growing for a few precious dollars and be done with it all.

Alas, I do enjoy it more than I dislike it so the insect infestation and weed murdering goes on.

From the Stacks:

I’m about a quarter of the way through Remember Me Like this by Bret Anthony Johnson.  It’s set to come out May 13 and so far I’m enjoying it.  I’ll give it a quick review when I’m finished but you can always catch my complete review of the books I’ve read over on Goodreads.