Book Mail

Today the book I won from a giveaway came in.  So fun to get books in the mail!!  It’s a nice and gloomy day which is perfect for reading.  However, I won’t be getting to this one right away.  I am accumulating quite the pile of  “To Be Read” books, which a fellow reviewer friend says makes me an official professional reader.

Make sure if you are a goodreads user that you check out all the great giveaways!

From The Stacks:

I just finished an upcoming Karin Slaughter novel – Cop Town.  That was great, review to follow soon. Some publishers don’t like you to put out reviews too far in advance of the book’s publication.  Look for this one in stores late June.  A not to miss for Karin Slaughter fans.

I’m currently reading The Hollow Ground by Natalie S. Harnett.  I haven’t gotten to far into it – but for now my thoughts are it’s okay.

So today is full of laundry and reading!  Not a bad day.



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