Up and At It

New Bikes!!

New Bikes!!

About a month ago the hubbs and I went down to one of our local bike shops and bought two new bikes.  We’ve decided that since we are both home and in front of computer screens all day, that we need to put forth an effort to be a bit more active. So far the new bikes have worked out well and we are enjoying them.  I really look forward to the days when we are not peddling in 90 degree heat.

On another note, I have FINALLY gotten my act together and sent off photos to have Lexie’s watercolor painting done!  I’m so excited about it and have no excuse why it took me so long.  Soon I’ll have her painting up right next to Simon’s that I love so much!  For anyone who is interested, Rachel Parker is an amazing artist and has done some work for several of my kitty loving friends.  We all just love her!!

I think the rest of today is a lazy day!  I’m hoping to crack open my coloring books and plow away at the current book off the pile.  Vanessa and her Sister by Pryia Parmer, so far it has been enjoyable.  If the rain holds out, grilled chicken and veggies is for dinner.

Lexie helped me with my lunch today.  That girl LOVES cheese.  She always manages to get a few bites!

Lexie looking for a tasty bite

Lexie looking for a tasty bite



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