Lazy Day

2015-07-08 14.31.28

Summer lilies are blooming and they smell so good in the hot evening air.  This is one of my favorites, Sumatra, I found a grower that sells the bulbs a few years back.  I used these in droves for our wedding and I just love them!  Every summer when they bloom I can picture my wedding flowers.  And I remember the week of no sleep from DOING my wedding flowers LOL.

Today is hot and sunny..which is fine since it’s summer.  However, it’s a little too hot.  Too hot to work outside. Too hot to go for a bike ride.  Too hot to sit outside and read.

We only had a few sprinkles last night so we were able to light the grill and cook.  This is only the second time we’ve used it so it’s still new and fun.  I love garden fresh zucchini grilled up on it – so yummy!!  Today was egg salad sandwiches for lunch,  a good summer food.


Still reading this.  I like it enough, it’s a bit slow to get through.   The book basically reads as a series of diary entries by Vanessa and postcards and letter to and from a group of friends.  Different and a bit odd but not unlikable.  Hoping to have it done by Friday – we shall see.



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