Recharge and Regroup

Wow! What a week!  I would say I’m glad it’s Friday…but that really makes no difference to me for the next month or two.

The hubbs and I are moving!  Not really a huge ordeal as we are moving within the same city but it still requires all the cleaning, packing and unpacking and just stress and work in general!

We are moving into the house my Grandmother was living in before going to live with my mom.  So in addition to cleaning and packing my house, we have to empty and clean her house too.  It’s like two moves in one.

The lucky thing is that we are on no real time schedule other than our own.  So it just gets done whenever it gets done. Sooner is always better but it’s not like we have to be moved by the end of the month, Thank Goodness!

Sadly all this work means the books and the blogs have to take a backseat.  No time for relaxing and reading!!  Hopefully I will have a little time here and there.

I have yet to break the news to the Sassy Cat Crew that I will be totally ruining their lives in the next few weeks.  They are already upset that I am not home very much.  Lord help us all when we start packing up and hauling out boxes of stuff.  I hope they adjust to the new digs quickly.  Life changing events with cats are magnified, especially when two are a little unstable to begin with!

My other news is that Lexie’s portrait is nearly finished!  I’m so in love with it!!  Rachel Parker did such a wonderful job.  I can’t wait to find a place in the new house for it.


Have a great weekend!!



A Sassy Cat Birthday!


Today is Graces Birthday!  She’s 8 today and it feels like forever ago that we adopted this little one.  I found her on Petfinder in a local foster home.  She was only seven weeks old and such a cutie!

We were going to “just look” and think on it for a few days. The foster lady even told us that we couldn’t take her yet as it was too soon.  But we got there and she met us and decided we were a fine home and there was no reason she couldn’t let us have her.  So…I was totally unprepared for a KITTEN!  Grace was my first kitten but not my first cat – thank goodness she was a good baby!!

DSC_4262 (1)DSC_4249

Today is a quiet day for me, always appreciated!!  Laundry, reading, and raining outside.  I have no plans for the weekend even though it is supposed to be nice.  I’m certain I’ll be spending some time cleaning up the garden.  I’ll have to find something fun to do!

Enjoy the weekend!


Rainy Thursday

Today I woke up to the sound of a downpour!  It’s supposed to rain most of today and tomorrow and I’m great with that!  I don’t mind the rain. I know some people hate it  but I’d be a great person to live in the Pacific North West with the drizzle and rain.

Today will be a banana bread making, reading, coloring kind of day, and maybe tomorrow too!  The kitties all nap on rainy days so we have some peace and quiet.

Last night I made some good progress with Avery the outside kitty!  I haven’t seen him for a few days but he popped up last night around 9:30.  I went and sat in the yard and chatted with him.  I got to within about 20 feet of him which was great!  He usually bolts as soon as I open the back door.  He finally had too much and scooted off when some of my noisy neighbors came home and let their dog out. Sigh! Oh what I’d do for some space!

Here is a TBT of Grace as a baby kitten!  She was only seven weeks old when we rescued her from foster care.  What a lovie! She was so tiny that she needed help getting up on the sofa to snuggle.

DSC_4217 DSC_4262

Happy Thursday


My Snuggling and Supervising Sassy Cats

2015-08-02 16.56.25

Simon and Makari are the cutest partners in crime ever.  They are such good kitty siblings!  Makari lets Simon cuddle with him, though he gets too hot!  Simon will snuggle with anyone available.

2015-08-04 14.44.39

Grace is supervising my computer activities again!  She loves to lounge on the mouse pad and lay across the keys!  She’s very friendly when she wants to be.

You’d never know from the pictures that my garden is all but dead!  The magic of photos…but by the weekend most of the plants will be pulled.  Oh well…nothing to be done about it now.  But I did miss out on the overflow of zucchini this year 😦

2015-08-04 15.00.362015-08-04 15.01.23 2015-08-04 15.04.58

I took a two mile walk today.  It’s good to get outside sometimes even if it’s over 90 degrees out there!

I have a huge desire to make banana bread today.  I wanted to make it last night, but it’s hard to turn the oven on when it’s so hot out.  Hopefully this evening will be a bit cooler!  I love to bake but it’s not really a summer endeavor around here.  I also have a few of the last cucumbers to make pickles from…hopefully they will last a few more days until we get that “cold front” an it’s only in the 80’s outside.

Still need to start a new book…just haven’t been in the mood.  Maybe later on today 🙂

Keep Cool!


Summer Time Blues..

When you ask people what season they love..a good majority will say summer!  I myself was a huge summer girl, I guess part of me still is.

Summer meant vacations, cookouts, days languishing in the sun by the pool and trips to the beach.  We had a small ice cream shop that we visited frequently that was not open year round, and we would truck ourselves up the road to the Kings Dominion amusement park for roller coaster rides and even firework displays.

I guess as an adult summer loses it’s allure.  You have to get time off work and PAY for all those vacations and days by the beach.  Having a pool is expensive and time consuming.  Trips for ice cream several times a week is not figure flattering…however this is a summer tradition I’ve yet to let go of!

I also think some of the summer is a bust due to living in a large city.  A million people are also at the beach, watching fireworks or standing in line for ice cream.  A small town summer seems so much more fun.

Last night seemed to be puke fest with the kitties!  Both Simon and Lexie had some stomach issues which caused me to wash sheets and blankets at bed time.  Always keeping me on my toes!!

I finished The Girl in the Maze…I’m still not sure how I feel about it.  It’s going to be a toughie to review.  I think basically it was a good book, it just wasn’t my cup of whiskey; as they say.

The story is about a schizophrenic girl who moves to Georgia’s low country after being released from a mental hospital.  She finds herself in the middle of a battle for land between the locals and big money from a development company.  Battling the return of her hallucinations, Martha is unraveling the mysteries of the local culture and navigating through danger – both real and in her mind.

Not sure what’s up next..I need something fun!

Happy Tuesday!

Another Monday…

The start of another week and the last ones of summer.  Before we know it, school will be starting, the nights will be crisp and Christmas will be in every store!  I could take or leave the latter…they just start with it too early these days!

The end of summer brings with it Hurricane Season!  We have not had a bad storm here in quite awhile though we normally get at least one tropical system a year that blows through.  August and September are when we really have to start paying attention.  Luckily, we live in an area not too affected by winter storms.

I had a friend put out a request for good books to read, I love helping people find new books to love!!  I’m sure I sent her way too many suggestions!  I love when people read a great book and want to pass it along.

I started this over the weekend.  I read the first several chapters thinking ‘I don’t know if I really like this…I’ll read a bit more and maybe put it down.’  Now I’m creeping up on half way through and I just keep plugging along to see what happens.  It’s not bad at all…it just has a sci-fi element that I don’t really care for.


The kitties have had a fine time shredding a cardboard I’m off to clean up!