A Sassy Cat Birthday!


Today is Graces Birthday!  She’s 8 today and it feels like forever ago that we adopted this little one.  I found her on Petfinder in a local foster home.  She was only seven weeks old and such a cutie!

We were going to “just look” and think on it for a few days. The foster lady even told us that we couldn’t take her yet as it was too soon.  But we got there and she met us and decided we were a fine home and there was no reason she couldn’t let us have her.  So…I was totally unprepared for a KITTEN!  Grace was my first kitten but not my first cat – thank goodness she was a good baby!!

DSC_4262 (1)DSC_4249

Today is a quiet day for me, always appreciated!!  Laundry, reading, and raining outside.  I have no plans for the weekend even though it is supposed to be nice.  I’m certain I’ll be spending some time cleaning up the garden.  I’ll have to find something fun to do!

Enjoy the weekend!



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