Happy Cyber-Monday

One of the biggest online shopping days of the year is today. So far I’ve spent less than five bucks.  I’m hoping for some good holiday shopping opportunities later in the day. We’ll see.  It always seems like if you don’t need a new t.v. or baby toys then you are kind of S.O.L.

2015-11-29 18.12.31

Grace and I searching for online shopping treasure on Cyber Monday

On another note, I’m back to Zumba!  Exciting.  I did really miss going and I’m glad I can take advantage of the all the different types of classes at the YMCA.  Yesterday, the hubbs went with me and we walked on the treadmill for a bit.  I put in 2 miles..I know, I know…lazy ass.  But I was so done LOL.



Finally finished this one last night.  Look for my full review over on Goodreads or Amazon but for the most part – I’m just not in love with it.  It had a lot of potential…I liked that the story was a little different.  However it was so predictable!  And seriously the author needs a lesson in writing cliche’s to avoid.  Any author that uses the phrase “silently screaming” is voted off the island.  I was also wanting to slit my throat at the sheer number of times “chilled to the bone” or the word macabre was used. OMG for real..the repetitiveness ruined the book.

Not sure whats up next! Stay tuned








Let the Holidays Begin


Happy Thanksgiving!  The holiday season shall now commence! It all starts with a personal favorite – an all out shopping spree.  I used to Black Friday bargain hunt in the wee hours of the morning tromping from store to store.

These days however, I take a more laid back approach and choose to shop online and avoid the masses while scoring great, maybe even better, bargains.  I can’t really brag this year that I’m pretty well done with my shopping before December even rolls around.  It’s still early in the weekend and I still have hope that by the time I crawl into bed on Cyber Monday that I can be nearly done.

Thursday was laid back for the hubbs and I .  We had stuffed shells and home made bread and salad for dinner.  The whole turkey shebang with family is on Saturday.

Today is a day for making carrot cake for Saturday and a batch of cookies for me.  I love oatmeal raisin cookies and I happen to make some pretty good ones. Sometimes I soak the raisins in rum, but the rum is gone!  Hmm..don’t know how that always happens LOL.

If you’re in the mood for Awesome Carrot Cake please visit the I Am Baker blog.  Love her recipes!!!

Back to shopping!


..and so it goes

Once again I have abandon and then re-discovered my blog.  Consistency just so happens not to be my strong suit.  However, I’ll take it as a positive sign that I was beginning to miss it and jumped back in.

I’ll blame my recent lack of dedication on the fact that we moved.  Moving…I don’t recommend it.  Not that I’m not happy we are in a new place across town.  But the physical toll of the process just sucks.  We’ve been in for about 5 weeks and I’m still tired LOL…and I still have plenty to do.

So what’s new?

I had my hair cut.  LOL – not exactly earth shaking news but it is what it is.  I can honestly say I don’t see myself growing my hair long again.   It’s such a relief and so much easier now!  I’m about 10 inches lighter and it’s still shoulder length.

The hubbs and I have discovered honey whiskey.  So delicious!  Our current bottle of choice is American Honey by Wild Turkey.

I joined the YMCA this week.  Again, consistency isn’t a strong quality of mine so I’m hoping this lasts awhile.  I’m hoping to take some of the classes.  They offer so many!!  Zumba would be fun to get back in to.  Water aerobics, barre classes and some group power classes all sound fun.

Recently finished reading Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter.  AH-MA-ZING!! Read it. Read it now.

Currently reading After She’s Gone by Lisa Jackson.  I’m about half way through and so far I like it. Missing famous actress and a crazy sister who may or may not have anything to do with her disappearance. Twisty fun.

So here  goes another foray into the blogging world.