Let the Holidays Begin


Happy Thanksgiving!  The holiday season shall now commence! It all starts with a personal favorite – an all out shopping spree.  I used to Black Friday bargain hunt in the wee hours of the morning tromping from store to store.

These days however, I take a more laid back approach and choose to shop online and avoid the masses while scoring great, maybe even better, bargains.  I can’t really brag this year that I’m pretty well done with my shopping before December even rolls around.  It’s still early in the weekend and I still have hope that by the time I crawl into bed on Cyber Monday that I can be nearly done.

Thursday was laid back for the hubbs and I .  We had stuffed shells and home made bread and salad for dinner.  The whole turkey shebang with family is on Saturday.

Today is a day for making carrot cake for Saturday and a batch of cookies for me.  I love oatmeal raisin cookies and I happen to make some pretty good ones. Sometimes I soak the raisins in rum, but the rum is gone!  Hmm..don’t know how that always happens LOL.

If you’re in the mood for Awesome Carrot Cake please visit the I Am Baker blog.  Love her recipes!!!

Back to shopping!



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