Back from the Holiday Crush!

Okay so I know that I have totally and completely bailed on my blog during the past two weeks or so.  Shame on me but really this is no surprise.  I don’t know how many ways I can say that I just don’t keep up with stuff!

So anyway here is a quick re-cap of all the goings on, hope you had a great holiday season as well!!

We went to Christmas Town, Busch Gardens- there were lights and decorations, holiday beer and games!

Hubby and I went on a day trip to Richmond – There was a visit to a cider brewery and a tasting! We shopped, went to Penzy’s Spices, had a pizza and beer lunch and Barbecue dinner!

I made holiday goodies including my favorite – fudge!  Aaaand I even managed some time up at the Y to work off some of the holiday food madness!

I HAVE been reading but I have NOT been keeping up on my reviews! Shameful!!  My immediate goal is to get these books reviewed before I dive into anymore.  What I read:

Liked, Liked, LOVED!!  I’m a huge Grisham fan and this was a “just for me” pick but I’ll still write up a quick review.  I’ve read previous books by Tawni and enjoyed this one as well.  The Widow was something new and I highly enjoyed and recommend this one.  Several little shocker moments and characters that keep you guessing.  Love.

Not sure what’s next to hit my TBR pile!  I’ll be reading for a friend that works at a newspaper and needs some reviewers! Fun!  I’ll have to see what comes!



A Day Gone to the Dogs

Yesterday started off pretty good, but on our way home from The was derailed.  Wondering on the main road into our neighborhood were two dogs! A little spunky yorkie and an older cocker spaniel.

After attempting to contact people in the homes right were we found the pups, and having no luck, I lured them to follow me home.  Thank GOD for that half pack of Mc D’s fries in my back seat!  Being too lazy to clean out my car does have advantages.

We put up some signs and thankfully their mommy came home from work a few hours later and called to retrieve them.  Sammy and Chloe spent the night safe back at home.

2015-12-09 13.53.17

Our afternoon guests

The resident Sassy Cats were not very excited about the new inhabitants of the back deck.  They recovered quickly.

Today has been laundry and laziness…nearly my perfect sort of day as I can always do without the laundry!  I don’t know how two people have so many dirty clothes!!!

On the advice of a family member, the hubbs and I have discovered Kraken Rum.  I am a huge rum girl.  Mojitos, straight up, with a splash of coke…all are fine by me.  My favorite is Pyrat though I do have some Mt. Gay that’s pretty good too.  Recently though, we added some Kraken to our liquor shelf.  It’s pretty good and I like it in a mixed drink though I don’t recommend it as a straight sipper.



The hubbs is on vacay next week! Not sure what all is planned but I think we are going to visit our Penzeys Spice store in Richmond.

Started on this last night.  I have heard through the book nerd grapevine that it’s very good.  I’m excited to get into it!



Have an excellent weekend!


Day of Fun


Yesterday was a holiday time Day of Fun.  Basically it was perusing the mall, window shopping, and buying way too much candy and junk that I had no business eating!

It is kind of a waste of a day but it’s also relaxing to wander mindlessly with no real “gift purchasing” agenda, though I was able to snag one or two items on my list.

Harry and David is one of my favorite places for goodies.  I love those pears!  Good me would have bought pears.  Instead, the bag was full of truffles, pretzel dips, and Hammond’s Candy Canes!

Sadly, some of the holiday shopping bills are starting to roll in and that makes people in my house grouchy.

angels burning

Finished this one the other night.  It was pretty good!  Certainly one I’d recommend.  Look for the full review to pop up later  today, but the big picture is a small town cop investigating the murder of a local teen girl. She has a hum-dinger of a family and the book is full of interesting suspects.  Our main character, the cop, also has quite a back story of her own and her personal and professional lives are messy.

After yesterdays goodies binge there is no escaping the treadmill and weight machines today! Off to feel the burn…




Drip Drip Drop


It has been very grey and rainy Monday.  I braved the chaos and ran some shopping errands – then came home to the warm and dry and did some online shopping!  I much prefer the latter.

Yesterday’s workout at the Y introduced me to a new arch nemesis:  The Lateral Elliptical machine.  This is a modern day torture device for sure.  I look forward to the day I can make it my bitch…

Tonight is my first Barre Fitness class.  I’m excited about this as it seems like fun! Maybe I should reserve judgment on that until after I’m finished with the class!!

angels burning

Reading this one – I’m about half way through and so far it’s good.  I’ve read work from Tawni O’Dell before that I enjoyed so I was happy to pick this one up.

I’ve requested too many books again and my TBR pile is growing rapidly. First world problems I know!  What’s a gal to do with so many books!!  I am just glad to get back to “normal” have the time to read!


Happy Monday!!



Cheers to the Weekend

ready for weekend

Fridays seem to lose a bit of the shine when you don’t have a “real job.”  Laundry, dishes and vacuuming are not 9-5 Monday -Friday chores.  But I still look forward to the weekends because even though the hubbs works from home, it means we have two days of no phone calls, conference call meetings and all sorts of daily “real job” tasks.


This is what I’ve been doing for several days.  I try very hard not to have to step foot in a store for holiday shopping.  Usually one or two gifts end up being an in-store purchase but I do fairly well in my jammies from my sofa.

online shopping


I am making “the box man” very happy 🙂  The kitties also love their bonus gifts! New boxes to sit in and shred nearly every afternoon.


Finished Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll.  It is rare for me to finish a book so fast but it was so good.  That’s my overall review, So Good, Read It!! There isn’t much else to say about it.


Happy Weekend!


Work It!



Today the hubbs and I made another venture up to The Y.  It’s so quiet in there during the mid-day!  We are lucky to be able to sneak up there pretty much whenever the mood strikes…ah the joys of working from home.

This was my first time in the weight room but it was much easier and less intimidating than I expected.  Tomorrow maybe Zumba, maybe not, but Monday is definitely going to be a barre class.  So excited for that!

I’m half way finished with Luckiest Girl Alive.  It’s so good!  I love the snarky, sarcastic main character Ani -I feel she is a kindred spirit.  I rarely move through a book so fast but this one I’d sit and read all day!  Definitely going to look forward to more from author Jessica Knoll.

The warm weather seems to have given up the ghost finally.  The past few days have been drizzly and grey, but warm, while today the clouds have moved on and left a breezy chill in their wake.  Yes, I’m complaining about temps in the mid-fifties in December! I know some of you are LOL-ing at me but that’s fine – I’ll be snickering at you when it’s below 0  in your neck of the woods.

Off to read!

Happy December!


Today is December first and it hardly seems possible to me.  I think those fall months of cleaning out, painting, and moving just destroyed my sense of time.  It could also be the near 70* weather we’ve had around here!  No snowmen in my future for sure however, I am not complaining.

I am really looking forward to the day when a workout does not need to be followed by a nap and half a bottle of ibuprofen!  Today is not that day! Yesterday’s Zumba class totally kicked my butt and I felt every minute of it this morning.  If the old adage  “No Pain, No Gain” is true then I have gained a lot in the past week.  Tomorrow’s Zumba class attendance is questionable.

Today needs to be laundry day!  Fortunately most everything is washed so it’s  really just a put away day.

Decided my next read is this one and I’m totally looking forward to it!


Happy December all!