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Lazy Me!

Today is just one of those Blah days!  It’s dreary, grey, cold and supposed to rain but hasn’t yet.  I can’t get motivated to do much other than surf Facebook, check email and shop Amazon.

Which leads to last nights purchase!  I’ve been hitting up You Tube and various blogs about exercise equipment.  I love the short little video clips about using dumb bells etc correctly..I figure why waste my time if I’m doing it wrong.

I came across a write up on something called an Assault Bike.  This is actually the brand name of a Fan Bike.  On yesterday’s trip up to the Y, I decided to hop on this bike and see what the deal-io was.  OMG and Holy Shit!  Less than five minutes (most of which was recovery time) totally kicked my ass.

There is one on it’s way to my house…actually it’s on back order (Thanks all you New Year’s Resolutioners!) but it should be here soon.  Bikini Bod, here I come!  Pft probably not but here is to hoping.


At the moment, I’m trying to get motivated to write up a review I’m procrastinating about.  I started a much talked about upcoming release yesterday and I need to get back to it!  I’m only like three chapters in, so I have no opinion on this one yet but it’s supposed to be excellent.  This one releases in March.



I’m still hostile towards Thursdays right now as Grey’s Anatomy is still on hiatus. I hate these long ass mid-season breaks!

Happy almost weekend!



Let the Sun Shine



Today is a beautiful and warm day, though a bit blustery!  The windows are open and the kitties are happy! I love these odd ball 60* days in January!!

Today is also a lazy day.  No reading today!  I always like a day to regroup between books. I will be writing up reviews tonight and I’ll be ready for a fresh start tomorrow.

I’m a bit sore from my time on the resistance machines yesterday!  See what being a slacker gets you?  Oh well, nothing some ibuprofen and a gin and tonic won’t fix.

No news is generally good news, so that makes today a pretty good day.  Not much going on.

Sending warm thoughts of spring to my snowed in friends!


Back in the Groove

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Between birthday goings on and being under the weather, it’s been nearly two weeks since I went to the Y for a work out of any kind.  Even though I was feeling better at the end of last week, I hadn’t made it back yet.

It was good to get up there today.  But good Lord, it has been busy!  The New Year/New Me gang is still around.  I’m told that by Valentine’s day things will smooth back out.  I’m avoiding any classes til then and just happy to work the resistance machines and truck along on the treadmill.  Today was a walk and read day and I like that.  I feel like such a multi-tasker.


This is what I’m currently reading.  I can’t say too much about it quite yet which is scary since I’m about 75% through it.  I don’t dislike it..I don’t like it.  I think the biggest thing is that it is truly unbelievable!  The story just lacks any credibility.  Yes, it’s fiction, but it’s still got to have some basis in reality.  The characters are good!  The writing is excellent! The setting is great!  But the actual plot is so meh. Meh should never happen in a Mystery/Thriller.  I think this should be more Adult Fiction than Thriller for sure.

In any event, I’m plugging through – it’s not a bad read at all – just not quite my shot of whiskey.

We managed to avoid the snow!  We ended up with an inch or so that stuck around and with the warm about to come through it won’t last another day.  I have many friends who are buried right now and I’m sure they would love to see it melt away quickly.

If you’re digging out, stay safe.  If you’re warm and dry then enjoy it, winter is not over!




Snowmageddon 2016


Winter is coming….

Grocery stores are bare. Children are home from school. It will take DAYS to dig out.

Seriously…this may be all we get.  I live in the 527 square mile section of the entire Mid-Atlantic and North East U.S. that’s supposed to get rain out of Winter Storm Jonas.  Guess we will see if the weather guys are right..

Speaking of weather guys, how many of ya’ll really get into forecasts and stuff.  I’m a weather addict. I check the weather online many, many times a day.  I get excited when I know a new model update is due for a storm or when it’s nearly time for the hurricane planes to go out again.  It’s such a nerdy thing.  I should have been a meteorologist but I think they “do math” and I certainly don’t “do math”.

My go to dude is Bernie Rayno on Accuweather.  I’m a Bernie groupie.

Anyhoo…Snow or a chilly rain predicted for the next two days is prime snuggle up and read weather!  I’m excited that I just finished book number 4 for January!

I knew I’d get this last one finished last night.  AND..the full reviews will be up over the weekend on goodreads.


In a nutshell, This was great!! Very fast paced and unique story.  Flora is our main character.  She’s kidnapped and kept for over a year!  She survives and this is her story after her return home.  It’s very thought provoking.  Not in a manner that this is a “deep” book, it’s not, it’s crime thriller fiction.  BUT it makes you think.  What would you do to survive?  Could you survive?  Would you want to?

It’s the kind of book that will stay with you for awhile.  It’s the kind of book that even though it’s’s also real enough.  That’s what makes it creepy.  We’ve all seen those absolutely unbelievable stories in the news..(looking at you Cleveland) and so yes, while far fetched at times, you CAN see this happening.

Lisa Gardner has authored more than 30 novels.  THIRTY!  As someone who claims her preferred genera is crime, thriller fiction – I’m ashamed!  I can’t believe I’ve never read anything of hers!  She’ll stay on my radar for sure.

Stay safe! Stay warm. If you live in my neck of the woods – Stay home!



Finally Human Again!

After a week of having a cold, I’m glad to say I feel human again.  I can walk from one end of the house to the other and not have to carry tissues with me!  This is real progress.

The talk of the town is still Snow.  More precisely – Winter Storm Jonas.  I don’t know how I feel about naming these winter storms.  I’m all for naming of hurricanes but the whole snow storm naming thing just seems wrong.

In any event, I’m envious of my northern neighbors getting so much snow.  I used to live in Northern Virginia and a good old fashioned snow storm is my thing.  Now I can say this because I can prepare and I don’t have to trudge through 20 inches of snow to get to work. I’m sure I’d hate it if I had to do anything but sit with hot chocolate and watch it pile up outside my window.

The truth is though, I don’t want the snow.  Not here in Virginia Beach anyway.  It is much more trouble than it’s worth.  Since we really don’t see too much winter weather people just can’t handle it.  Things are a mess for days for snow fall that doesn’t even cover your shoes when you walk.  One of the charms of the South I suppose.

The resident Sassy Cats have all been focused on staying warm and toasty.  Lexie is a master of soaking up the sunshine.


Today, I am focused on catching up on some chores around the house and jumping back into some reading.  The current choice is very intriguing right now and I’m dying to get back to it. It moves fast so I may even finish it today.


Those of  you expecting Jonas, stay safe!  Grab some hot chocolate and enjoy your snow!!


Cold and…Snow?


This is all anyone on the east coast is talking about right now.  This includes where I live, and we are only supposed to get rain.  However it is really cold here.  We all knew it would happen eventually!

Virginia Beach is an odd place as far as weather goes, or more accurately, how people react to it.  You stay home if you can when it rains because people just don’t function well.  God help us all if it snows!! Just the threat of flurries will cause car accidents and empty grocery store shelves.

The only weather even I take seriously around here is hurricanes.  Mostly we all get jumpy for no reason due to the media but once in awhile we get hit and it just sucks big.

This has been my week:

花粉症 鼻水

This also sucks.  I’m finally at the point where I don’t really feel bad but I’m chained to a tissue box at all times.  I’m just annoyed by this.

I’m getting ready to start on a new book today – yeah me!  Hopefully I can get four done in the month of January.  I have high hopes for February also since the hubs may be out of town for work at some point.

A thankfully quiet day here on the home front.  The feline residents are all hunkered down in their heated blankets.

Stay warm!



Birthday Post


Happy Birthday to me!  We shall not discuss what number other than to say more than 20, less than 100.

No special plans today.  I had breakfast – with a mimosa, so that was fun.  Maybe something quick and easy later so I don’t have to cook dinner!  The hubs and I both want to see the new movie, The Revenant.  I love Leo and it looks really good.

Today was also gotcha day for my, now, Rainbow Bridge kitty, Friskie.  I always remember him on my birthday.  He was my first cat and I still love him dearly.


My Sweet, Sweet Boy


Today, making national headlines is a local police dog Krijger that lost his life in the line of duty this past week.  Of course, this is always sad.  But in more viral news, Anderson Cooper has donated vests for the entire K-9 unit of the Norfolk Police Department!  I love it, I now love him!!

However, this even is causing me to dust off and climb up on my big ole’ soap box…so pay attention!!

Why!? Why!? WHY!!!!

I am just appalled, disappointed, disheartened at the fact that these service dogs don’t have protective vests. I cannot comprehend that basic protective gear is not standard issue.  I’ve written my Senator and Congressmen.  The lives of these dogs should not depend on donations.

Ahem…back to our regularly scheduled program….

No books today…no treadmill today (though I should after breakfast).  Any breakfast that includes alcohol is a good thing.

Happy Weekend!!