Chubby Lazy Orange Cat Drinking and Sitting With His Feet Up in a Lazy Chair Clipart

Lazy Me!

Today is just one of those Blah days!  It’s dreary, grey, cold and supposed to rain but hasn’t yet.  I can’t get motivated to do much other than surf Facebook, check email and shop Amazon.

Which leads to last nights purchase!  I’ve been hitting up You Tube and various blogs about exercise equipment.  I love the short little video clips about using dumb bells etc correctly..I figure why waste my time if I’m doing it wrong.

I came across a write up on something called an Assault Bike.  This is actually the brand name of a Fan Bike.  On yesterday’s trip up to the Y, I decided to hop on this bike and see what the deal-io was.  OMG and Holy Shit!  Less than five minutes (most of which was recovery time) totally kicked my ass.

There is one on it’s way to my house…actually it’s on back order (Thanks all you New Year’s Resolutioners!) but it should be here soon.  Bikini Bod, here I come!  Pft probably not but here is to hoping.


At the moment, I’m trying to get motivated to write up a review I’m procrastinating about.  I started a much talked about upcoming release yesterday and I need to get back to it!  I’m only like three chapters in, so I have no opinion on this one yet but it’s supposed to be excellent.  This one releases in March.



I’m still hostile towards Thursdays right now as Grey’s Anatomy is still on hiatus. I hate these long ass mid-season breaks!

Happy almost weekend!



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