Happy Leap Day!


This year we get a whole extra day!  I’m never sure if it should be just one more day or if you should approach Leap Day with a seize the day attitude.  Play hookie from work, picnic outside, do something fun and revel in 24 extra hours.


This year is less carpe diem and more laundry.  Sad, I know. But the hubs has returned from the latest business trip and dumped his weeks worth of laundry on the already growing pile of my own.



It is pretty nice outside and I’m hoping to take Simon out for a walk in his stroller.  He loves to get out and smell the air and chat with the neighbors.  He’d prefer to walk but we make him ride for his own good.

In book news this week:

I have finished a few new ones and all have been different shades of pretty good.


An advanced reminder that The Passenger by Lisa Lutz hits shelves tomorrow.  Be sure to snap this one up – it’s great and a big buzz book so far this year!



Spring is fast approaching and that means yard work, days in the sunshine and reading outside all afternoon.  I can’t wait for longer days and warmer weather!!

Happy Monday!





Awwww Sheet!

Today my Fed-Ex driver made me very happy.  Tomorrow he’ll do it again!


Before your imaginations run wild I’ll intervene and establish that he’s just delivering the new bed sheets I ordered!   I LOVE new sheets.  The newbies that arrived today are in the washer as I type.

Today in book news – it’s pub day for two new novels that I’ve shared with you!


Both of these are novels really worth the read.  Flight Of Dreams was excellent and I highly recommend it.  Check out my full reviews on Good Reads or walk on the wild side and just pick up that kindle and download them both.

The Sassy Cats are enjoying some rainy day laziness today.IMG_20160217_173839

I think I’ll make some hot tea and join them!  Blueberry black tea is one of my favorite teas to make!  Definitely  something I don’t want to be without. Find it at Bar Harbor Tea online.  I am dying to try the cranberry tea also!

Have a great Tuesday!


Bike Day


My fan bike arrived today!!!  I ordered this about a month ago, it was back ordered.  It arrived today several weeks ahead of what I had planned on.  Yeah!  Sooner is (usually) always better.

I can assume my superhero pose (Thanks Dr. Amelia Shepherd).


I put the bike together by myself! It really wasn’t that hard and the directions were pretty clear.  I’ll have the hubs give everything a final tighten down when he can.

This project is rated  middle-finger.  One middle finger since I didn’t have to curse once or throw ANYTHING in frustration.  The hardest part was getting all the parts out of all the packing and tape.  I had the whole thing unpacked, built and cleaned up in about an hour.  Then I took a 41 minute ride to a Grey’s Anatomy episode on Netflix.

This week my goal is to play catch up!  I’ve got reviews piling high and books stacking up fast!!  I need to buckle down and burn through some of my to-do list.  It’s getting Serious!

Hope your week is off to a great start!





Friday Fun


Somehow today was absorbed completely by taking Simon in to see his vet.  He was due for his yearly and he has this weird thing going on with his arm. Yes, the vet even confirmed it was strange.  I just love that – no not really.  You know you’re in for trouble when a doctor of any kind is like “hmmm…we’ll this is strange”.  You can just hear the money being sucked from your bank account.

But really – I love our veterinary practice.  We are very lucky.  Especially since mine seem to end up there often.

So for today, Simon had some skin scrapings, a steroid injection and a prescription to be filled.   Good LORD!  I went everywhere and still had to have this junk ordered!  Kitty sized dosages are a problem at people pharmacies.

We are hoping his medication will get rid of this issue.  He has bacteria (not so strange) and yeast (strange) on a patch of his skin that he has licked bald.  Our next option is allergies or demodex…neither are options I’m thrilled about.

In other news – not much!  This weekend promises to be really nice so that’s a plus!  I’ve had a few days time-off from reading anything which is nice.  Sometimes you just need a break.  I’ll be back to the grind soon enough.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Dog Gone…


Today I’m posting a Throwback Thursday.  I don’t usually do this weekly event, but that’s because I never remember.

This Thursday is kind of a red-dot day on the calendar though.  A sad but not sad day.  Two years ago we said goodbye to our dog Buddy.  That’s always a hard day.

I grew up with dogs, most of the time we had more than one.  However, after Buddy passed on, the hubs and I decided we would be cat people. When you lose a pet there is always a hole in your life.  Losing Buddy and not having a dog at all has been a huge adjustment, both good and bad.



I say often that while I miss Buddy – I do not miss having a dog.  Though sometimes I swear I can still hear him snoring at night.  While I don’t miss 5 potty breaks a day or cleaning doggie snot off the walls – I do miss his squeaky toys and him playing with the cats.  He loved the cats even if they didn’t always love him.

Buddy was never the kind of dog that I expected would save my life.  He was always more likely to ask a robber for a cookie than to bark at him. There is a sense of security in having a dog that is lost in having only cats.  I have no doubt my cats would only be upset that anyone who broke in interrupted nap time.

So today is dedicated to my Sassy Dog instead of my Sassy Cats.  Buddy was a sweet and completely rotten dog and we shared 13 and a half years with him.



download (2)

Today makes day 2 of a screaming headache.  It is a TOTAL pain in the ass to have your head pounding for two days.  The Sassy Cats, I’m sure, are sick of mommy’s Cat-itude.  Admittedly, I am grouchy.

Today, I did a special release-day spotlight for the book blog tour for The Widow.  Hope you had a chance to catch that one and I really hope you get the chance to pick up the book.

In even more literary news, today happens to be pub day for another book I have mentioned to you.   The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton hits shelves today. Check out my full review on Amazon or click over to Good Reads by following the link on the side bar.


Since I’ve been a little down and out there is not terribly much to share.  It’s nice and warm today compared to the last several and the clouds have finally departed.  I’m hoping they take the remains of my headache with them!

Happy Tuesday!



Blog Tour Post -The Widow



Happy Pub Day to Fiona Barton!!  Today, The Widow hits shelves and it is a novel you should not pass up.

You can check out all of my other reviews by hitting the Good Reads link on the side bar or of course, on Amazon!

My full review:


The Widow is one of those great novels that truly keeps you reading as fast as you can to find out what’s going on.  With little twists and turns tucked away in every corner, Fiona Barton truly holds on to her reader with every page turn.

Our main character is, of course, a widow, but she’s not just any widow.  Jean Taylor has the unfortunate notoriety of being married to a man suspected of abducting and killing a local missing girl. Jean and her husband Glen find themselves hounded by the media and outcast by the community.

Jean is a simple sort of girl and her world is shaken by the shame and shock that surrounds her husband being suspected of such a terrible act. Jeans world is torn apart when Glen meets his untimely demise.  Everyone wants to know exactly what Jean knows about her husband.  Does she give into the pressures of the media desperate for her story..or does she keep what she knows a secret?

It turns out Jean may not be the simple gal that everyone believes. Glens death isn’t such a tragedy after all., and just maybe…Jean wasn’t as clueless about her husband as everyone thinks.


A book that everyone will be buzzing about!  Grab your copy today!!