Here Comes the Rain Again

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Yesterday was supposed to bring some wet and wild weather.  For several days Mr Weather Man hyped us up about severe storms, possible tornadoes, and heavy rain all for yesterday.  It rained- some- but not until after dark and not a rumble was heard.

Today is most of the rain I think was supposed to happen yesterday.  It has poured since late last night with no signs of stopping till tomorrow morning.  Glad I don’t have any plans!  I hate running errands in the cold and wet.


Today is a cleaning day!  Purging the house of all the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the past week of laziness.  I never have too much ambition on weeks the Hubs travels for business.  I indulge myself watching t.v. and eating in bed and not cooking all week!  The only things in my dishwasher are spoons from eating ice cream from the container and wine glasses.

The resident felines are ready for their Daddy to return.  Cats never like their routines disrupted.  Though I do think they have fully taken advantage of more room in the bed!



Started reading this yesterday.  So far its pretty good but there is a huge cast of characters and the first few chapters have been setting up the story and sort of introducing everyone.  It’s about the Hindenburg disaster.  I do love a well written historical fiction novel and I have high hopes for this one.

Though, don’t be stupid (like me – cough, cough) and keep calling it that book about Heisenberg….yeah he’s the dude from Breaking Bad…totally unrelated.

Looking forward to seeing some sunshine again!



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