What’s That Smell???

Today I am in total aromatherapy heaven!  My essential oils came in today and I have my diffuser going in one room and an oil warmer going in another room. I’m laundering linens and I’ve made bath salts!  It is a smelly heaven!

For now, I’m enjoying essential oils from Plant Therapy.  You can shop with them online or purchase through their Amazon store. Either way, I highly recommend you go to their website for a better description and easier navigation than what Amazon provides.


My list of things to try is growing very long!!  All four of these are pretty wonderful.

I’m still reading Flight of Dreams and may get it wrapped up this evening.   I’m waiting for the hubs to get home tonight but the flight delays are not looking so great.  We will wait and see, I may have plenty of time to read!

Right now I’m off to soak in a hot lavender bath with a glass of Torrontes white wine. Being home alone isn’t so terrible.

Have a lovely weekend!





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