About Book Reviews (Review Policy)


Obviously, I LOVE to read!

Reading and working as a freelance book reviewer is a hobby and something I enjoy doing.  I do not get paid in any way for my book reviews.  I read and review because I love it and consider myself lucky to have the time that allows me to indulge my hobby.

You’ll find out about what I’m reading here on Sassy Cat Chat.  You can find all of my full length reviews on Good Reads,  Amazon, and some on NetGalley.

Selected reviews are for publication in The Free Lance-Star newspaper in Fredericksburg Va.

If you have written a book (or represent an author) and you’d like me to read and review it then please email me! Send me a blurb, link to your book or your author bio; anything that helps me check out your work.

I read mostly crime/thriller/mystery type novels.  I also enjoy historical fiction and women’s fiction.  I will accept a non-fiction that really grabs my attention- but I prefer fiction.

I do not accept review requests for erotica, romance, sci-fi, or children categories.

I prefer books to review as Kindle e-reader files.  A hard copy is also fine in the mail.

Find me at Lisa.L.Driscoll@gmail.com to submit your review request!