About Me

Thanks for checking out Sassy Cat Chat!  I’m Lisa and I hope you’ll find my musings entertaining.  You can expect to find posts that serve as a general life blog and reviews of the books I’ve read.  Please check out my GoodReads  page for full reviews or to connect as friends.

I live in Virginia Beach with my hubby and four feisty felines.  I listen to Country Music and love Kenny Chesney!!  My hobbies are reading, gardening…and the occasional scrapbook endeavor.  My cats are my kids and they all know they are the top of the heap around the house.

I am the editor and chief here at Sassy Cat Chat, let me introduce you to the Board of Directors — my resident Sassy Cats.



Grace is my oldest baby.  She is a mixed breed rescue and TRULY a Sassy Cat.  Grace like things done her way and would love to live alone with her mommy.




Lexie is a true princess and the “top dog” of our kitty family.  Lexie is a Tonkinese and knows she is absolutely beautiful.  Lexie loves napping in the window and watching the outdoors from her comfy bed.  We call Lexie our warden – she will let you know if something is out of sorts and she likes to keep things in order.




Simon is a Tonkinese cat as well and my handsome man for sure.  Simon is a true “daddy’s boy” and is an extremely outgoing and friendly little guy.  Simon is a very curious soul and loves everybody and everything.  Simon is our resident supervisor of all things.



Makari is a Russian Siberian and my pride and joy.  Makari is laid back and quite a little clown – he has loads of personality.  Makari is definitely a momma’s boy and I love it.


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