Asian Magic

Last night the hubs and I visited a traveling exhibit at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  It’s called Lantern Asia and it was really cool.  It was a beautiful night to go walk the gardens and see the lighted structures.  We both had a really great time, I love doing stuff like this.

It really was beautiful!

Otherwise, it’s been a slow start to the week.  Simon and I spent a little time enjoying the back yard.  I started a new book, Lily and the Octopus.  Not much going on this week but the hubs is on vacation next week so hopefully we’ll plan something fun!


Have a fun afternoon!



Easter’s On It’s Way




It’s time for Easter Baskets full of chocolate and colored eggs.  This is me as the bunny!  Many years ago I worked for a photography studio that had a contract to do all the typical holiday photos at the mall.  We were short on people to don the E.B. suit so I took a few rotations.   The costume was hot but wearing the big floppy suit was fun.




This week was a busy one for me!  A few Doctors appointments and lots of errand running around.  I feel like I’ve been on the go a lot but very little has been done.  I had to get some allergy testing done.  This is never a fun thing.  I was stuck 23 times and hung out at the Dr. Office for 4 hours.  What a day.

I’m hoping for an uneventful weekend!  Simon and I took a short walk in the stroller this afternoon.  He was a bit cranky today but a lunch of tuna seems to have made him happy.


In book news, two new goodies came in the mail this week courtesy of publishers/authors.  I’m already halfway through The Little Paris Bookshop.  I like it so far.  It published this past Tuesday so it’s available to pick up right now.  Fragile Brilliance looks promising but has been added to the TBR pile for another time.

I’m expecting some more books in sometime next week!  So much for that time-out and no more books for a bit!  Good thing summer is just around the corner!  I read a lot in the summer as a way to enjoy the weather.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!



Are You Green??

76e69083b1256b4d1770d69c8f2f8abaAre you wearing green today?  I am disgracing my hubby’s Irish-ness by not participating in St. Pat’s Day.  I can’t say he cares too much.  I don’t do green.  Green is NOT the new black.

I do think all the St. Patrick’s day “stuff” is cute, shamrocks and pot’s O’ gold,  but this holiday is really one that just whirls by me without a thought.


If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I have to confess that I’m a procrastinator.  A big one.  If something hasn’t started causing me to panic and pull out my hair in impending doom then it just isn’t worth doing yet.

I purchased a white board to mount next to my desk.  I thought that a visual way to keep my lists of book tasks would keep me on target.  I underestimated myself.  I simply keep adding to the lists and watch them grow.  I need an intervention.  I’ve had to put myself in book-time out again.  No new books until I get some more reviews done and make some progress on that TBR pile.  I’m beginning to accept that this is just the life of a book blogger and reviewer.  The pile will always be there.

Simon and I had a lovely stroll today.  I think some chilly weather is headed our way next week so we took advantage of today.  We took a longer walk than usual and he did well.  I’m trying to build up his tolerance to a decent walking distance.  He’s just such an on the go guy that an hour in the stroller is taxing for him.  But he’s happy to get out and see the sights and smell the smells.

Yesterday we practiced relaxing on the deck.  I’d love to be able to have him lounge outside and read with me.


Have a Happy St. Pats celebration!  Drink a green beer for me…




Warm Weather Week


Break out the sunscreen folks!  The sunshine and warm weather has finally arrived!  I snagged some time in my favorite place and am all the better for it!  There are very few places that I would rather be than in a beach chair with a book soaking up some sunshine.

In my back yard or in the sand by the ocean it really doesn’t matter much.  I love to read while I bake in the sun.

I also used the nice afternoon as an advantage and took Simon for a little walk in his stroller.  He loves to ride and chat away at the birds and squirrels we encounter.  He’s such a funny little guy.

However, he wasn’t so funny this morning when he knocked my just made bowl of fresh fruit on the floor.  A giant mess and no lunch for me!  This instigated the gin and tonic I took outside with me. He really is cute but such a total pain in the ass some days.

No news is good news and luckily I have little to share these days.  Here’s to smooth sailing and a warm spring!




Thursday Things…

Thursdays are always a day to look forward to, for me anyway.  It’s Grey’s day!  I know that at some point in the future this show will be canceled and Thursday will become a wasteland…like a Monday. But for the past decade Thursdays are happy days.

This week has been dreadfully slow!  I have a list of things to do and none have been checked off.  We have even more incoming rain.  I am over rainy cold days.  I also think I’m more susceptible to these weather induced headaches than I used to be so that’s another reason to be over the crap weather.

LaIMG_20160302_211113st night I made cupcakes!  I love yellow cake and chocolate frosting.  This was a new recipe – it’s okay.  It is cake so it can’t ever be that bad.






The kitties have enjoyed days of snoozing. Simon has been quite helpful with folding sheets and keeping my desk top clear.


Books Book Books!  I’m becoming swallowed by my TBR pile.  Nothing with a pub date for the next few weeks so I have some breathing room (or reading room!).



Happy Reading!!


Awwww Sheet!

Today my Fed-Ex driver made me very happy.  Tomorrow he’ll do it again!


Before your imaginations run wild I’ll intervene and establish that he’s just delivering the new bed sheets I ordered!   I LOVE new sheets.  The newbies that arrived today are in the washer as I type.

Today in book news – it’s pub day for two new novels that I’ve shared with you!


Both of these are novels really worth the read.  Flight Of Dreams was excellent and I highly recommend it.  Check out my full reviews on Good Reads or walk on the wild side and just pick up that kindle and download them both.

The Sassy Cats are enjoying some rainy day laziness today.IMG_20160217_173839

I think I’ll make some hot tea and join them!  Blueberry black tea is one of my favorite teas to make!  Definitely  something I don’t want to be without. Find it at Bar Harbor Tea online.  I am dying to try the cranberry tea also!

Have a great Tuesday!


Friday Fun


Somehow today was absorbed completely by taking Simon in to see his vet.  He was due for his yearly and he has this weird thing going on with his arm. Yes, the vet even confirmed it was strange.  I just love that – no not really.  You know you’re in for trouble when a doctor of any kind is like “hmmm…we’ll this is strange”.  You can just hear the money being sucked from your bank account.

But really – I love our veterinary practice.  We are very lucky.  Especially since mine seem to end up there often.

So for today, Simon had some skin scrapings, a steroid injection and a prescription to be filled.   Good LORD!  I went everywhere and still had to have this junk ordered!  Kitty sized dosages are a problem at people pharmacies.

We are hoping his medication will get rid of this issue.  He has bacteria (not so strange) and yeast (strange) on a patch of his skin that he has licked bald.  Our next option is allergies or demodex…neither are options I’m thrilled about.

In other news – not much!  This weekend promises to be really nice so that’s a plus!  I’ve had a few days time-off from reading anything which is nice.  Sometimes you just need a break.  I’ll be back to the grind soon enough.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!