The Big 2-0


I finished my 20th book of the year last night!  A nerdy celebration  but bookworms will appreciate this.

The Little Pairs Bookshop was an enjoyable and easy read.  It was a lazy summer day kind of book.

My goal of 50 is looking attainable this year!


This past week I got some lovely book mail from my friend at the paper!  I’m all set for spring reading!  I hope I can get through them all – I also have a digital stack of lovelies awaiting me on the kindle.  I can’t wait to read these!


Today is a wonderful spring day!  The windows are all open and the sassy cats are in heaven.  They make me nervous all sprawled out in the open windows but they love it.

I also have our ceiling fans on!  This is quite the victory.  When we first moved into this house Simon was terrified of the ceiling fans!  He didn’t even like them when they were off!  We are slowly making some progress and they can be on the low setting now.

Hoping you are enjoying your Monday!



Springing Up…

IMG_20160221_135206The Daffodils are up and some of the early spring trees are starting to bloom.  I’m missing my pear tree right now as it was a welcome sign of spring.  I may have to get a new one for where we are now.

My body has not adjusted to the recent time change.  It usually takes awhile.  I just don’t understand why we do this!

The weather is just on the cusp of staying warm and bringing in summertime.  I think spring is my favorite time of year.  I love that it’s not quite hot out yet but the warm breezes and new flowers are so wonderful after the winter cold.

The kitties are always happy when the weather turns.  They are tired of chilly feet and long for open windows for afternoon napping.

We are lucky enough that where we live we have lots of opportunity to join in outdoor events.  There are wine festivals, beer festivals, strawberry festivals.  Festivals involving food are big around here.  I love the beer fests and my favorite event is the BBQ fest but that’s usually in the fall.  It’s nice to spend the day outside on the water or at the ocean front soaking up the sun and the goodies.


I have finished this one – It was a requested review by the author and published last fall.



These two are new to the pile.  Fragile Brilliance published last fall and is a requested review.  Armadillos came from Net Galley and hits shelves April 1.


Today’s chore is laundry.  I think laundry is an endless endeavor.

Have a great day and enjoy whatever it is you’re up to!


Let’s Talk Clubs….


Being the huge reader that I am, I have a few fellow close book nerd buddies.  Several of my bookish friends are online friends some are “real”people friends. Some of us share in what we enjoy reading, some of us read from totally different ends of the library spectrum.

None of my friends are in any “book clubs”, though I  know some people who do enjoy participating in these.

To Club or not to Club???  This is my question.

How many of you are in a book club?  Have you participated in one before and opted out? Are you dying to be a part of a book club and just haven’t found one yet?

Do you (or would you) prefer a physical club that meets up at a local place or an online club?  These online groups of book lovers are growing quickly. Good Reads offers several.

For me, I could never get my mind around reading a book that someone assigned me.  Too reminiscent of school homework maybe.  Though I’m less picky now than I used to be, I still like to select for myself.  I can’t imagine slogging through a book that I just couldn’t get into.

In Book News:

Lots of requests are rolling in for me to review books from authors or agents.  This is so great and thanks to all of you who would like me to read and review your book!

I finished Lilac Girls last night.  It comes out in April so expect a pub day reminder on that one, but honestly, just pre-order it now.  It was truly, truly amazing.  I have so much love for this one!  Martha Hall Kelly did a super fantastic job in this piece of historical fiction.  Love Love Love!!


Enjoy any warm weather you are lucky enough to have!  Get outside and prop up your feet and open up something amazing to read!


Warm Weather Week


Break out the sunscreen folks!  The sunshine and warm weather has finally arrived!  I snagged some time in my favorite place and am all the better for it!  There are very few places that I would rather be than in a beach chair with a book soaking up some sunshine.

In my back yard or in the sand by the ocean it really doesn’t matter much.  I love to read while I bake in the sun.

I also used the nice afternoon as an advantage and took Simon for a little walk in his stroller.  He loves to ride and chat away at the birds and squirrels we encounter.  He’s such a funny little guy.

However, he wasn’t so funny this morning when he knocked my just made bowl of fresh fruit on the floor.  A giant mess and no lunch for me!  This instigated the gin and tonic I took outside with me. He really is cute but such a total pain in the ass some days.

No news is good news and luckily I have little to share these days.  Here’s to smooth sailing and a warm spring!